A Bunch of Titanics

One (probably unhealthy) obsession of mine is the story of the Titanic. It has followed me around since I was a kid, and I never let go (it’s okay if I’m the only one to laugh at my jokes). It all started with the movie obviously, I was 8 back then and it was my first cinematographic shock. As a little boy, I became immediately obsessed with the ship, its story, and then ships in general.

It was I guess only fitting that the very first thing I decided to draw on Procreate is the RMS Titanic. The goal was to test out the app and the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro – this was a couple of years ago now. As you can easily see, I did not master all the tools the app can offer – especially straight lines… – but it was definitely a good test drive.

A little more recently, now that I’m more comfortable with the tool, I decided to draw the famous ship again, a more simple and cleaner design this time. A lot fewer layers, a lot less detailed, but in the end maybe a bit more striking.

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